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Illegal & Legal Immigrants Rights and Current News


The United States to Build Their Own Berlin Wall..Damn Bush And His Team..

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yesterday, October 26, 2006 was another day that will probably be part of history because of what President Bush signed: The approval to start building the 700 mile long border wall between The United States and Mexico. Bush calls it part of a solution to better protect our nation from possible terrorists and to put a stop to illegal immigration; I call it simply racism and stupidity from his administration.

How can Mr. Bush and his team of dumb republicans believe a simple border wall is going to stop all these people from achieving their dream, better their lives and fighting hunger? I don't know what they were thinking while implementing this so called "plan", but I can assure you this is not going to work, and yes, it makes me very happy to say so.
We will probably see a percentage decline of people trying to come to the United States at first, but not because they are scared of the Bush Administration or because the wall was successful, but simply because they are working on other ways to surpass United States’ own Berlin Wall.
Many people are unhappy because of this approval and I urge all of you Latinos and Non-Latino Supporters to protest and let our voice be heard, especially in the coming elections. For those of you who can’t vote now, let your voice be heard in any other way possible.
United States and some of its anti-immigrant people say immigrants, especially illegal come to waste their tax money, come to take "their" jobs and to affect their economy.
I think these people should really take a look at the nation's economy and see the positive impact illegal and legal immigrants contribute to this country.
I would love to see some of these racist people go to the fields and work in the extreme weather conditions some of our people do it, I would like to see some of these dumb, ignorant people settle for a low paying job not because they are dumb, but because they have to work under terrible terms to be able to support a family.

I can honestly say I am upset and really mad at the current government, but at the same time it gives me power to fight this corrupt system of what is supposedly known as the "best" government. Look at Iraq, the Bush administration made promises to re-build and fix Iraq's problem and now everything is worse than it was, thousands of innocent people are dying daily, including our own soldiers who are losing their lives because of this damn Bush Administration.
Like I have mentioned, the border wall won’t work, the true answer for some of the underlying problems is an amnesty which it should happen as soon as possible. We are to stay here and to keep coming and no wall or laws will stop our Raza, so might as well lets work on a plan that will give us a win-win situation, because either you like it or not, we are here to stay and I am sure you can see that already! Si Se Puede!!

Bush On Illegal Immigration

The Importance Of The Latino Vote In The United States

Thursday, October 26, 2006
The November Elections are just around the corner and with it a war of political parties argumenting who the best of the best is.
Millions of people will be heading November the 7th to decide on tomorrow's future by electing our nation's best of the best, or so they say. Many proposition will be on the table and our duty is citizens and voters will be to decide if they are good enough to be approved or disapproved.
A lot of people that are able to vote simply don't care to register and go and make their vote count, others who wish they can go and vote and make a difference cant vote yet. The Latino Population is growing dramatically fast in the United States, but sadly the number of Latinos that go and actually vote is very small.
As the number of Latinos increases the role that we have to play in this country increases as well, meaning that today is the time to make the decisions that will affect us tomorrow since we, Latinos will be the majority in the near future to come.
I urge all of you Latinos who are able to vote to go out there and cast your vote; a lot of times people believe a vote doesn't make a difference, but when it comes down to it, a vote can mean the difference between victory and failure.


The USA is in the process of building their own Berlin Wall in the Border, Arizona has become the most anti-illegal state in the nation and California, along with other states doesn't want to give illegal immigrant's a driver's license.
Its great to go out and protest about the things we don't like, but its best if we go out and cast our vote and actually make our decision count when it comes down to the voting game. Please Latinos, Raza, Gente, lets go out and vote, its time that we start making a difference in this country, our country! SI SE PUEDE!!!

Law Against Renting Housing To Illegal Immigrants..What Are They Thinking??

Thursday, October 19, 2006
First, they reject a driver's license petition in California several times, Second, they approved and started building a 700 mile long wall in the border of Mexico-USA, and Third, a law has passed in Escondido, California not allowing home owners and housing companies to rent housing to illegal immigrants.
The city council of Escondido California just approved a law on October 19, 2006 against renting housing to illegal immigrants. Current illegal immigrants renting will have to be evicted within a month, the time frame for this wrongful law to take effect.
Escondido is the first city in California to have such a law and the seventh in the nation to refuse housing to illegal immigrants.
Lawmakers that propose laws such as this one don't have a heart when it comes to helping people or they are plain racist inconsiderate humans who only think about themselves and their race.
Illegal immigrants are not less than the "legal" people here, how can a simple paper add more respect to others? they are humans like all of us who want to better their lives and all they need is an opportunity, an opportunity that is being closed from all aspects, but you know what? They will show the rest of the non-supporters that they came here for a mission and that they will accomplish it no matter what.
For those of you, who like me support the cause, lets help these people and prevent them from further suffering. I can only imagine the negative effect this law will have in the economy of the city of Escondido since no one will want to do the "other" jobs; hopefully this will be a lesson for the city council on how valuable illegal immigrants are to this nation.

Latinos Responsible For The 300,000,000 Population Mark In The United States

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
For the past weeks we have heard on the news and from people about the population growth here in the United States. Everyone had been waiting long for the country to reach the 300,000,000 mark and how it would occur.
Today, at 7:46am two newborns were born in the East Coast and are fighting for the 300,000,000 spot that will make them part of this country's history. Interesting enough, the two newborns fighting for this spot are Hispanics, one is Mexican and the other Puerto Rican, descendents from immigrant parents.
The United States is an amazing country with many opportunities to succeed, sadly, there is the people who love to spread racism and hate to other cultures and ethnic groups. I am talking about the people that discriminate against immigrants, let it be legal or illegal, they simply hate the fact, that we Hispanics are the fastest growing culture in the United States and that we are shaping the country into a more diversified country.
It really pisses me off when I hear people talking about "Mexicans" or "latinos" in general going back to their country. These people who are relative ignorant love to say that we are stealing their tax money and their jobs. Its amazing to hear these people talk so much crap about our people, but when it comes to reality, I assure you they wont be going to work in the fields or those "low paying" jobs some of us have to do.
They are going to build a wall in the border and the government thinks that is going to stop people from coming, honestly, that makes me laugh because nothing will stop people from reaching their dream to better their lives.
Where I want to get at is basically that today the 300,000,000 person in those country was born, that person is one of the many that will shape tomorrow's future and guess what? He is a Latino newborn, so for all of that negative people, stop the racism, the hate and just be part of this great nation, lets all be happy and be a great family.

United States-Mexico Border Wall..Are You Kidding Me??

Friday, October 13, 2006
For long, Illegal Immigrants, especially mexicans, central americans and southern americans have asked for an immigration reform. These people have asked for it in many ways, by protesting, by striking, by begging and what do they get in return? A Wall in the border, wow, how nice...

I agree that the United States is a huge target for terrorism and that they want to protect all of its citizens after all of what has happened to this country, but why build a wall in the border with mexico? What about the border with canada and the ports in the West and east coast?

I don't see how the United States Congress and Senate members believe that a wall is going to stop these people from coming here. These people come here to look for the American Dream, to find a job, to better their lives and to have something to give to their loved ones.

It amazes me that the United States was so involved when they brought down the Berlin Wall to create peace, but now they want to build a similar wall to divide a job from millions of people in need? The Berlin Wall was in the middle of the country, yet it was used as a divider, same thing they want to do with the border wall. I just don't understand the way the system works sometimes.

Instead of wasting millions of dollars in this border wall that wont help at all or in the conflict in Iraq, the United States should focus on the problems in this country. They should create more jobs, they should provide health insurance like many other nations have and simply better this nation.

The United States is an amazing country, a country of opportunity, a country made from people all over the world, so why do they want to stop what made this country? Everyone deserves a chance to succeed, why be so selfish and promote hate against illegal immigrants; after all, they are just humans like all of us.