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The Bush Administration Sucks! Elections Over And Gas Prices Up!

The Bush Administration Simply Sucks! Take a look at the recent dirty move they did. Remember how a few months ago gas prices were sky rocketing and suddenly gas prices started dropping at a fast and unusual rate? People were very happy about it, I was, gas prices were again getting to normal rates and something very important for the US Government was approaching as well; The November Elections.
The Bush Administration is so dirty that in order for Bush's popularity to start raising and to get as many votes for Republicans they had to do something like this. The US Government, mainly the Bush Administration is a double face issue.
They are always telling people what they want to hear but in reality, they are doing the opposite behind our backs.
When they were trying to first invade Iraq, their major excuse was that this country had Weapons of Mass Destruction and how this was an fatal threat for the world, especially for us; did Iraq have these weapons? Heck No! After many investigations by the United Nations Organization and other countries, the Bush's "Excuse" was a simply fallacy to play with our heads.
Please stop being so gullible and pay attention to what in reality is going on and not only what YOU want to hear, that's where this suckers are focusing.
I knew something like this was going to happen ( The raise In Gas) that's why I excluded to vote for any republicans, screw them and the Bush Administration as well!
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2:40 AM

Gas prices are not dictated or controlled by the president. Sorry.    

2:47 AM

Its the whole bush administration and the republicans, not just him. I hope you are not one of the people that are being blind by them.    

2:50 AM

umm the president does have a control over the oil reserves, remember his speech where he said that he would never use the federal reserves.......well you better go ask him yourself as why he did?    

6:32 AM

it's same what did bush before his 2nd election , i mean about catching saddam hussain    

8:09 AM

"Anonymous said...

Gas prices are not dictated or controlled by the president. Sorry."

A stupid statement.

Energy prices are tightly controlled by US government, just as they are by other global governments. Modifying the energy costs takes little more than a change in a government regulatory mandate -- and that's something that is frequently done.    

8:46 AM

Name one president or congressman that actually did whatever they said they would do. Republican and democrat alike, neither of them do.    

8:46 AM

If your premise that gas prices are controlled by the President is true. Why didn't "the whole bush administration and the republicans" make gas free and secure the election? Are you a victim of public education?    

9:01 AM

here in canada the prices of oil at the of US high rates were at $75 a barrel... but now they have dropped down to $58.xx a barrel.. So that could also be the cause of why the prices of gas has gone down..    

10:29 AM

Meaningless drivel    

10:30 AM

Making gas free to secure the election is too obvious. On another note, the price still hasn't changed in my area, so I can't confirm the author's allegation yet.    

10:40 AM

Since when have gas prices risen? You offer no proof of even that. Prices at the pump always fluctuate a few cents every couple of days.

The reasons gas prices fell in the last few months ranged from lower demand due to summer ending to increased stability in the middle east. It had nothing to do with the President.    

11:00 AM

i love retards. you're so cute and cuddlely!    

11:07 AM

Anonymous said...
Name one president or congressman that actually did whatever they said they would do. Republican and democrat alike, neither of them do.

Harry S. Truman [days before bombing Japan]: Not only Japan but the-world will come to fear this country as God.    

11:17 AM

it's Canada's fault    

11:19 AM

First, I hate Bush. He's a war criminal, as far as I am concerned.

But the last few months of depressed oil prices were caused by
a) The end of the summer driving season (demand is lowered, which happens every year)
b) A non-eventful hurricane season, which did not impact supply
c) The fact that many energy trading companies took high options on fall oil prices in anticipation of the hurricane season. When the supply was not interrupted, they had to dump their barrels at the cheap market prices (increasing supply) or risk holding on to them into an even cheaper October (bad idea).

I would not put energy manipulation past the Bushies, but this is how it works. They could not manipulate the market with our oil reserves without it being more obvious (and dangerous).    

11:20 AM

"i love retards. you're so cute and cuddlely!"

So do I! Especially ones that cant spell cuddly! *HUG*    

12:43 PM

Yes, Blame Canada, Blame Canada    

12:53 PM

They did find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - Saddam.    

1:14 PM

Have gas prices actually gone up at all since the election?    

1:23 PM

Increased stability in the middle east? are you insane?    

2:28 PM

Yes they sure have, My local gas station was going at 2.15 Regular, the day after election it hit 2.29, and is rising every so often, kind of strange jump in gas prices? no, just government screwing everyone with there simple minipulation of power.    

2:29 PM


Also do a google search for "WMDs found in Iraq."

Also - do you have proof of your statements? I too have noticed a rise in gas prices - but to go off balls and say it's because of this without quoting sources is uh, not really smart.    

2:31 PM

Why vote, I choice not to vote because both sides of the election groups are liars and cheats they dont care about the people, so i choice to not vote so that I never have to say that I screwed up by voting the crocked prick into office    

3:13 PM

However, gas prices are dictated by the oil refineries and don't forget that the stockholders are the people who make the money from it. Did we forget where Bush Sr. earned his millions? Did Dick Cheney was on the board of directors for Halliburton? With these two people having the most influence on the current administration would it not be safe to soon that in an indirect manner, the Bush administration is indeed dictating the price of gas?    

4:40 PM

Dear God some people are just kinda dumb! Blame the bush administration for every little thing that goes wrong. Democrats do the same thing. They promise to do all these little great things for people then screw things up for them. What is it with Democrats always thinking that it is the Republicans fault and Republicans thinking it's the Democrats fault. Bush has nothing to do with the price of GAS! He can ask for the raise and the drop, but he doesn't controll it, it is the Senate and Congress!!!!!!!! Didn't you people go to school!    

5:26 PM

You guys are all pathetic.

You think its some type of victory to be aligned with the party you are with.

You think its some type of victory to mock and belittle those on the other side of the fence.

You think its some type of victory to know something someone else does not, or refuses to believe.

I think its pathetic that instead of becoming part of the solution, you are content with being part of the problem.

I think its pathetic that instead of leading a good life (especially those that slam the Bush admin), you choose to slam those that do support Bush all day every day.

You guys don't give a shit about the government, you don't give a shit about your neighbors, you don't give a shit about the economy, you don't give a shit about the state of international affairs. No, you only care about this false 'victory' and how you can achieve it again tomorrow.

The world is so fucked up right now and instead of reaching out to one another to offer hope or a solution you choose to laugh at them because they aren't in the 'know' or hold different beliefs than you. They have a word for this, its called prejudice and each and every one of you people are guilty of it.

This is it people, look around. The world is full of people who want nothing more than to one-up you in any way shape or form. The world is full of people who want to anonymously tout there agendas just IN SPITE of the opposite party. You have no hearts, you have no conviction, all you have is this false 'victory'. Cherish it, I guess, as I only wish the best for you.    

5:57 PM

Yea! Blame canada. Fuckin poutine    

6:07 PM

sooo fucking ridiculous! how on this fucking earth can you think the president or his administration control the gas prices??? They give us a price, if we dont accept they dont care. They DO NOT need the US to keep buisness good, idiots. I mean look at those idiots in France, they pay something like 4 times what we pay.    

6:21 PM

The OPEC (oil companies) help the government during election times by lowering cost and in return the government (read bush) help oil companies to secure oil wells in Iraq (2nd largest oil reserve is in iraq)and help them make more profit. Oil companies made more profit than any other large corporation this year.    

7:16 PM

To the 'victory' guy---Dude, you are absolutely right. Best argument on the topic.    

7:29 PM

Blah blah blah blah. Bush sucks. Blah blah blah. All their fault. Blah blah blah, government conspiracy before the election. Blah blah see I told you so.    

8:46 PM

No but he has stock in the oil industry so if the prices go go so do his stocks    

9:59 PM

If the gov't doesnt control the oil prices, who does? does anyone remember when Exxon and Mobil was flaunting record profit from the increased gas prices? If the price of oil barrels go up in the middle east, the oil companies shudn't be making huge record profits from this. Therefore the differences in the prices and the middle east price of oil per barrel stand to fault the gov't and the republican party in manipulating gas prices for "Special Interests" a.k.a. oil companies that pay the royal " money talk, bullshit walk" contributions to the republicans and the president. Anyone care to argue my view here?    

10:04 PM

Hey "victory" dude, I'm sorry your momma dropped you on your head.    

10:32 PM

i agree with the victory guy because all you people blaming other people and shit are stupid i mean are you gonna do anything about it? you say all this shit but fuck its not gonna change anything if you dont do anything about so if your gonna bitch then DO something about it    

11:16 PM

Well, there is one thing I think everyone can agree on, the government is corrupt. Always has been, and is not likely to change anytime soon. It was corrupt polititions (Not popular vote) that got Bush elected, and he's just done a bang up job. Long live the electorial college. Sorry, that one still pisses me off. It's interesting to note, that when Clinton left office, the budget was balanced. Didn't take Bush long to take care of that. He also managed to get the power to declare war. No one man should possess that much power. Also, for the 8 years Clinton was in office, Rush Limbaugh was like the moral and ethical prince riding Bush's ass every night of the week. Where is Bush's watchdog. No I'm not a Bush fan, but I'm not a democrat either. As far as the oils concerned, I found it interesting at the beginning of this "war", we were able to secure the oil wells in one to two days, yet there are still people without power, among other things. But we just had to eliminate Sadam, that little country was a great threat to......hmmm.......oil. Don't believe he had anything to do with the trade center which started this whold damn thing. And lets see, Osama, remember him, is still on the loose... Anyone seen "Loose Change"? Worth a look. Halliburton has been under investigation for several years for wrong doings, yet they still recieve money from the government. Look it up, that's illegal. As far as Canada's concerned, look out, youv'e got some potential oil profits to be made. You may get more popular than you want to be. For the guy that didn't vote in fear of being bitched out for voting wrong, you don't have the right to bitch about anything. To the "victory" dude, you should run for office. It'll never happen because I detect some compassion. Politics and giving a shit about people won't get you elected. If you're fortunate enough to get elected to congress though, you'll have a nice million dollar retirement to look forward to, and you won't have to worry about medicare. Wonder how long it would take to change that system if they had to try to live with medicare. Don't remember voting on that retirement thing, must have napped through it. No wait, I didn't have a say.
Now that I have pretty much pissed everybody off, I'd like to offer a suggestion. Considering nothing substantial ever gets done due to democrats and republicans in a constant pissing match, paricularly at election time, lets take that out of the equation. How about one party, the American Party. Everybody votes for what's good for America instead of all this damn political posturing. In this day and age of computers, the technology is available to allow everyone a voice on what's passed and/or what's not passed. Everyone could be involved in decicions that effect their lives. Maybe not a great idea in and of itself, but I think it has potential. Another quick idea, eliminate income tax. Tax everything you buy. That eliminates the loopholes, and everybody pays. Including the corporations, drug dealers, shysters, lawyers, etc.
Well, I'm done for now. Just had to vent.    

4:14 PM

Gas prices are all about manipulation of the market. I've heard business reports talking about gas prices going up because of "concerns about the north korean situation" last year. There's always some stupid excuse about why gas goes UP and it always reacts immediately to current events. Then I heard about how OPEC was going to be increasing production at the time that gas was so high, and the reports said "but we won't see a drop in gas prices for a few months at least, because it takes that long for the supply to come in to play". BULLSHIT! Prices can be raised right away when things MAY affect supply, but don't go down when the supply WILL be greater?! Bush and company are all in the oil business and many of the people they associate and do business with are in the oil business. If you don't think that Bush and his friends would conspire to lower prices to help in an election, you're living in a dream world. Months before the election, I predicted a sharp drop in gas prices leading up to the election followed by a steady increase back up to "high" levels after the election. It doesn't take a genius to put together the facts and know exactly how things will play out. I've made a small fortune in oil since Bush came into power and since 9/11, only because I knew exactly how government corruption would play out in the market. For those that don't believe it, continue being the blind sheep getting raped at the pumps, while the smart folks like me make at least some of it back by banking on corruption.    

9:19 AM

Potential oil profits to be made? It's already started man.

If you drive around saskatchewan often enough, you start to get familiar with how many pump jacks are out there and how they move around. 6 or 7 years ago, I don't remember seeing all that many pumpjacks near the roads all that often, but now they pop up everywhere, get taken down, moved, whatever. More and more local kids are getting hired in this area, our little town has become kind of a hub. I talk with some of the older people in town, they wonder where the oil's going, and why our province isn't getting any better for all this oil we're producing.

I used to HATE american politics, and wanted nothing to do with them, but I know the same companies that pay big bucks to your politicians are the ones who would suck my country dry without a second thought, so I can't help but start to take an interest now.

But it worries me how stubborn many Americans can be when it comes to supporting their government, you can bring up anything they have done, and they'll just wave it off and call you a bush-hater or tell you that X party isn't any better.

What a great arguement, I just get all tingly EVERYTIME I SEE IT.

Well, if we're all screwed because the American people have too much fluoride in their brains or whatever to start doubting the people in power, then I might just get wasted until it's all over. I can't see things getting any better at this rate.

Bush said on TV that there are concerns about a civil war, I say right on. Hell, I'm sure there are Canadians who will join in.

(PS Try to avoid getting your news from Fox for christ's sake, did you see the Daily show where jon pointed out that fox tried to label Mark Foley as a democrat after that big scandal? Yeah, nice try.)    

1:34 PM

How can you tell a guy not to watch Fox news and then explain it because you saw something on the Daily Show?

Fox News is an ACTUAL media outlet, The Daily Show is a SATIRE COMEDY SHOW. If you get ANY of your news from the Daily Show, its like saying PLEASE take everything out of context before presenting it to me so I have something to believe.    

1:52 PM

fox is not an actual media outlet. It is more like a bush/republican propaganda outlet. And if you even TRY to suggest otherwise, I will gladly label you an idiot. At least Jon Stewart calls fox on their biases and contrary to what you claim, actually puts them into the proper context so that you can see how fox is spinning things. And no, he doesn't spin things to show democrats more favourably. Stewart will just as often criticise stupid dems. Yeah, I saw that Foley debacle. They labeled him in their on-air graphics as a democrat, then when they aired repeats of the story, they didn't correct the graphics to show he was a republican, they just ran the same footage WITHOUT graphics of any kind. Fox is just one cog in the whole corrupt wheel of the bush administration.
And about oil, the price per barrel was dropping pre-election, and since the election it's been going up every day. Coincidence? I think, probably NOT.    

3:51 PM

about FOX news...


Examples of how they constantly try to spin things to put democrats in a bad light, like relating a democrat victory with a terrorist celebration. Fox is sick, and should be taken down as a "news" outlet. I feel sad for the idiots who watch fox news and have blindly followed bush because of them, never ever seeing anything bad in him or republicans.    

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