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Illegal & Legal Immigrants Rights and Current News


Bush - The New World Tyrant

A few years ago Mr. Bush called Saddam Hussein the world's tyrant, but little did he know, or did his followers know that bush was to become one as well.
I understand that Saddam caused a lot of damage to his people when he was in power, but although great distress was being caused, he seemed to have everything under control; still, many people liked him and still supported him.

Why do I call bush the new world tyrant? because he simply is, he is a mess involved in a mess that he can't get out of. For example, he
sees that illegal immigration is a big problem, but does nothing to fix it, he simply wants to build walls and send national guard troops to the border, come on Mr.Bush, that is not going to work, these people will keep coming no matter; what we need is an amnesty reform.

Another thing I dislike about bush is that he is sticking his nose where he shouldn't. Why in the heck is he trying to get into North Korea's business if he hasn't fixed the Iraq problem and needless to say, the problems we have here in the nation?
He is so stupid and immature that he and his administration went on to ban iPod sales and other electronics to this country.

"In a novel effort targeting the lifestyle of North Korea's eccentric president, the Bush administration wants to make it tougher for him to buy iPods, plasma televisions, Segway electric scooters and more."

(Source: AOL NEWS)

Like I said, he should focus on "fixing" the problems this nation has ( Health Care, Immigration, Gas prices, etc) , removing the troops from Iraq and he should leave other nations alone; who in the heck does he think he is? A world renown controller/leader? yeah right!

Secondly, he simply doesn't accept he screwed up with the Iraq war decision. A lot of people are now mad and upset because of the decisions this dude made, but once this people vote for him, its their fault for putting him back in office in 2004, what a screw up!
Even former president Jimmy Carter abruptly criticized Bush's decision and poor management of the war in Iraq; he told CNN that he believes the USA invasion was a big blunder.

“It’s going to prove, I believe, to be one of the greatest blunders that American presidents have ever made,” Carter told Wolf Blitzer on ‘The Situation Room.’

When asked how Iraq will be compared to Vietnam, Carter said it will be a “close call” but noted U.S. actions in Iraq are more publicized around the world than they were in Vietnam.

“I think its going to be a close call, but perhaps much more vividly known by the rest of the world than Vietnam was,” Carter said.

But the former president said he disagreed with those who have labeled the situation in Iraq a “civil war.”

“I think civil war is a serious — a more serious circumstance than exists in Iraq,” Carter said. “And I say that based on some of the civil wars with which we’ve been involved in the last few years.”

(Source: CNN)

Now, the interesting, funny and stupid thing is that Mr.Bush still thinks he is in the right path, he said on Tuesday that there will be no withdrawal from the the troops until the mission is complete. What is his damn problem?
Its been a while since he is been promising to fix the Iraq situation and things seem to get worse as days go by. Thousands of innocent people are dying daily, hundredths of our soldiers are dying and their families are the ones suffering terribly.
Bush doesn't care, bush and all his administration and republicans friends are the same caliber, dumb, stupid, ignorant and careless.

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