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Illegal & Legal Immigrants Rights and Current News


Vote Against Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Republican Friends

Election day is here and your vote will make a decision for tomorrow's laws and bills.
I urge all Latinos to vote and make a difference but I advice you NOT to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger or any other Republican.
Arnold and his team of Republicans have only done negative things for immigrants, especially for illegal immigrants.
They have said "NO" many times for a bill to approve a driver's license and especial, Arnold has said many racist and negative remarks about Mexicans, little punk!

Lets vote for someone new, someone that can probably do something for the Latinos in this country, especially in our states. Remember, No Arnold and No Republicans, these fools only want to focus on war and bills that will hurt illegal immigrants.
Look at George Bush, he signed the bill to build the border wall, which I am sure won't stop our people, but that shows he is against us and against an amnesty. Go out, make your vote count and lets get Arnold and the Republicans out of our government.
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