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Illegal & Legal Immigrants Rights and Current News


Is A Mass Migration Predicted After Fidel Castro Dies?

Thursday, December 14, 2006
As we all know Fidel Castro is within the black figures of past and present politicians such as Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, Hussein and recently added to the list, Bush.
Castro has controlled the Cuban nation for many years, some like the communist living style, while others hate it and end up escaping to different countries, mainly the USA to the state of Florida.
As it is, many Cubans risk their lives daily crossing sixty miles of Atlantic ocean to get to Miami with the hopes of being free and starting a new life, sadly, many of them accomplish half of their dream and dying of dehydration or drowned.
Check this article on what the United States is doing if such thing was to happen:

U.S. homeland security officials say they are preparing for a remote, but real possibility: that the death of Fidel Castro could trigger a mass migration from the island nation, landing refugees in detention centers in Florida, Texas and beyond.

At least that's one of several worst-case scenarios that federal officials weighed Tuesday at the start of a simulated exercise aimed at gauging the ability of the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to respond to a potential rafter crisis.

Coast Guard Rear Adm. David W. Kunkel, director of the Homeland Security Task Force Southeast, which led the two-day exercise, stressed that the U.S. government is not predicting that Castro's death will destabilize Cuba and spark a massive wave of migration. But, he said, ''We don't want to be caught flat-footed."

A federal plan to contain a possible exodus from Cuba has been under review for 18 months and will need final approval from Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. On Tuesday, federal officials declined to disclose many details of the plan, but said they are confident it will curb a wave of migration.

Some state and local officials said they hope that's true, but if migrants get past the first line of defense, they worry that Florida could see a repeat of the Mariel Boatlift, a chaotic exodus from Cuba in 1980 that brought 125,000 Cubans to the U.S., most to Florida's shores

Source [ Chron ]

Fidel Castro is in really bad shape, he is suffering from colorectal cancer and many believe he wont make it past 2007.
His brother, Raul seems the one to be taking care of most of the political issues revolving around Cuba, but will this last after Castro is gone?
Will we have a massive migration of Cubans after Castro is gone?
How will a mass migration affect our economy? Will the US support this or will they be assholes and send them back like they do to Mexican and Central-Americans?
I am not sure what's going to happen, but I believe a lot of Cubans will see this as an opportunity of political weakness in Cuba and come to the United States.
I am sure a lot of family members will urge family they have in Cuba to migrate and start off a new life, I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

Boycott McDonalds - Support Farmworkers

Monday, December 04, 2006
McDonald's Corporation buys their tomatoes from Immokalee Florida. Because the farmworkers work under harsh and inhumane conditions they asked McDonald's to pay 1 penny more for every bucket of tomatoes they buy from Immokalee, but McDonald's refuses. 1 penny more per bucket of tomatoes amounts to about $100,000 extra a year for McDonald's, and for a corporation that large this amount is pocket change.

The farmworkers in Immokalee Florida work 10-12 hour shifts to make $50 a dollars in a day. They lift 125 buckets of tomatoes that way 32 pounds each. These farmworkers do not receive benefits, do not receive overtime, do not receive sick days, and do not receive the right to organize. They work under the worst conditions possible, and receive an income so ridiculously small that they fall under the range of the United States poverty class.

For the past years people in America think that the conditions for farmworkers has changed so much and that they live so well. The reality of it is, that not much is different. Yes some laws have changed to protect these farmworkers, but who is enforcing them?

Please don't think that just one person can't change anything because as Americans we use that line way too often. The truth is that it starts with one person. So please boycott McDonald's. Go somewhere else for a meal. You can make a difference. Tacobell refused, but then felt the wrath of the pissed off American and gave in. Lets do the same to McDonald's.


Mexico In War - Calderon Vs Lopez Obrador

Friday, December 01, 2006
On July 2, 2006 41 millions Mexican citizens made the decision for a new president and a long awaited renewal of Mexico's socioeconomic status. After the official vote count, Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute ( IFE ), gave the role and responsibility to National Action Party candidate Felipe Calderon.

A few hours after the election, something didn't seem right, opponent candidate from the Democratic Revolution Party Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador started war and was in denial to his loss claiming victory as well; he decided to create an "alternate government" before Dec.1 presidential inauguration. He called his followers for assistant stating that this had been a "fraudulent victory" by Calderon.

Well, today is Dec. 1 and Felipe Calderon has given his first speech to the Mexican Nation at the National Auditory and such thing didn't occur, or did it? What we have seen since the elections is constant verbal and physical wars between the two followers, but especially Lopez's Obrador.
This leftist and sore loser filled the streets with millions of people protesting and camping out for a recount that never occurred. December 1, 2006 was no different then previous protests, senators and congressmen started with a verbal brawl at the Mexican Congress and it ended in a fight, in my opinion a very immature thing to do.
Amazingly enough, the country seems to be divided by a large percentage, making these problems more constant and more dangerous. My question to all the leftists is, why in the heck are you guys focusing your energy on this crap? Mexico is in bad shape and has been for a long time, the Mexican government simply sucks, they don't create jobs for people, they simply steal money and are filled of corruption, which makes me sad.

Hopefully, elected president Felipe Calderon will do otherwise and show us Mexicans there is still hope to better this beautiful country. During his first speech he promised the every newborn will now have free medical care and that his annual salary will be lowered, which is a good start in my opinion. Sadly, there is no perfect government in this world, look at Bush and his immature decisions with Iraq's problem, look at North Korea and Venezuela, this government world is a complete mess filled with lies and double standards.
My only dream and hope is that Calderon shows Mexicans otherwise and lets us believe that there is still hard working and trustful people, Mexico and other countries really need that, people are suffering for these so called, "Presidents." Mexico and Calderon I wish you the best of the Luck! Si Se Puede!